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Package of Aiōn

Aiōn Calendar

$ 91.5


* the price of Aiōn is a quarter per day. Your beautiful days must be worth more than the quarters.

Hi this is Aiōn, a designed calendar inspired by the idea of time capsule. Each day in the calendar has an replaceable empty capsule. To fulfill the time of 2020, your decision matters most.

Aiōn means a very very long finite time in ancient Greek, which is quite similar to our life time. How to spend our lifetime, to let it shine and be colorful,

it is all up to you.

Hope you could enjoy everyday in Aiōn Calendar ;)


Contact me through e-mail or WeChat if you want to spend your 2020 with Aiōn ;)


The capsules are made by edible medical materials, but we suggest you don't eat your time.

Other parts of Aiōn are made by plastic, paper, walnut wood and metal. Fully recyclable.

Choking Hazards.


The shipping fee is FREE! The arrival time depends on the area you are in. 

The ETA shipping to China would be 3-5 days.
The ETA shipping to East Asia countries would be 4-7 days.
The ETA shipping to Europe and America countries would be 7-14 days.
The ETA shipping to other countries or area varies.

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