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Hi, this is Aiōn Calendar, a design art calendar inspired by time capsule, a concept combining time and space together. Here in Aiōn, each day is designed with  a room for a capsule, which could be filled with anything you want to memorize the experience or feeling at that moment. As time is just over there, and how do you want to spend it is totally up to you.



[Ancient Greek]

An indefinitely long period.

Aiōn 2021 utilizes mirror paper as its main material to echo the theme of this year’s calendar, I wanna see you. This design also encourages users to examine yourselves carefully.


Aiōn wrote a poem with 7 languages, to share time with friends in different part of the world.


Here is a story telling folder. We always look upon the things on the surface, but sometimes, the things really matters are right there on the back side.

DSC03420 2.jpeg

Solo exhibition, I Wanna See You in Beijing.

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