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Gimme Gimme

Spring Whispers, Beijing, 2023

On the 5th anniversary, Aiōn Calendar is honored to cooperate with Spring Whispers, Beijing, to show you how a small design brand toddling and growing, and to create a special bookstore vibe during the New Year season.


For you, who are unique and lovely, let’s share the bliss of love at the beginning of the year. 5 years old Aiōn! Gimme gimme Five!


Aiōn 's Story

Aiōn Calendar is an independent design brand, founded in 2018. Aiōn originated from a design calendar based on the concept of time capsules. Aiōn launches new theme capsule calendar and new material calendar every year to create a unique, exquisite and thought-provoking time collector. The word Aiōn is from ancient Greek, which means a long time rather than an eternity, just like our limited life, so we should cherish it infinitely.

You could meet Aiōn Calendar in many bookstores in China and art stores in New York. Aiōn loves travel, north to Iceland, south to Australia, east to Japan, west to Israel, collecting time stories from different time zones around the world with friends.

Enjoy the Show

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