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Hi, this is Aiōn Calendar, a design art calendar inspired by time capsule, a concept combining time and space together. 

Aiōn means long but finite period in ancient Greek, which is like our treasured lifespan!



[Ancient Greek]

An indefinitely long period.

In the version of 2022, Aiōn sets the theme as Show Me Some Color, to enlighten the murky world shrouded in the pandemic. Aiōn utilizes acrylic and fluorescent coating with the original time capsule idea to show more positive attitude and, hopefully, trigger more colorful inspirations.


The acrylic filters would not only shine under the UV light, another function of them is to give the users a pair of neon-color glasses. 
Through this filter, your view would be turned into a totally different way, and something would be filtered out immediately, like the cockscomb which bounds the gender or the cage which traps the bird.

Here in Aiōn, each day is designed with  a room for a capsule, which could be filled with anything you want to memorize the experience or feeling at that moment. As time is just over there, and how do you want to spend it is totally up to you.


Thanks for all the friends and supporters around the world, Aiōn is honored to collect the Aiōn little poem from native speakers in 8 different languages. Here in 2022, the Spanish version is added up to the series.

Llena tu curiosidad y las expectativas
de este mundo con amor.
Nos completemos.
Disfrutemos de la vida.

Aiōn Perpetual Calendar utilizes wool felt as base material with date printing on, to give users an experience of touching time.

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